Sway By Jennifer Davis

The genre of this story is romantic comedy for young adults, as a heads up. I was able to read this story in 3 nights and it was only $ .99 on amazon kindle so I took a chance to experience this story. Now, it wasn’t the most exciting romantically based novel that I’ve read but it was good enough to keep my interest and optimistic attitude.

The story centers around a young lady named Annie and it is written in the current era. The story follows her life after her old school forces the students to relocate. This book spans from her junior and senior years and envelopes all the common dilemmas of high school.

The beginning was generally exciting and had a good plot, however I feel that Jennifer strung along the events to meet the plot of the sequel, ‘Breathe’. Throughout the story there was no definite climax to a single obstacle. The most reaction I received from the pages was from the revelation of another problem, the resolution to that problem had no greater effect. I can describe this story as a fictional, dramatized biography. The characters weren’t developed a whole lot; only their main characteristics and physical appearance dominated them.

I don’t want to say it was boring, because it wasn’t…..entirely. It was a very easy read, probably written at 5th grade reading level, which is the average for most leisure reading novels. Overall, it deserves 3 out of 5 stars. Thank you guys so much for reading, y’all are amazing. Please share and like. And I’ll see you lovely people in two weeks time!

Safe Haven By: Nicholas Sparks

As an introduction to my love for romantic novels, I think Safe Haven is a great start. I have read numerous amounts of love based stories— though i won’t write too many reviews, as to not bore you to death— and out of them all I find Nicholas Sparks to be one of my favorite, not just for  his widespread influence, but because he incorporates different aspects to his stories and as you dig deeper into his motives, you uncover the different facets to his novels. I do notice that his stories have the tendency to repeat themselves, so I have only read two of his creations, though in time I hope to find interest in some of the others. He is over all a splendid writer who portrays love as an overpowering being to its many  obstacles.  And in due time I believe Dear John will be making its way on this blog as well..

Safe Haven was the first portrayal of an abusive relationship that I have ever read, so experiencing this storyline was utterly fascinating and rather surprising and eye opening. The story begins with the introduction of the relationship between Erin and Kevin, in which their marriage consists of Erin having to comply to Kevin’s demands immediately and without a flaw, if not ‘she’ would deserve her punishment— most often a brutal beating.  And even with a hot temper, Kevin is a drunk and consumes vodka every night, after he gets home from work, further adding to his irrationality and poor judgement. It also doesn’t help that Kevin works as a police detective, making it that more difficult for Erin to press charges in a small town. After two failed attempts to escape Erin finally succeeds in reaching South Carolina from Boston. It is here that Erin finds peace that she is finally free from concealment and can live her life.  With a new identity and a positive, though sometimes skeptical attitude, ‘Katie’ begins her new life in Southport, North Carolina. However, always having an underlying vigilance for Kevin and possible revealings of her identity.

As I mentioned before, this story really opened my eyes with the portrayal of the abusive relationship, but in the way Sparks executes it, makes for an overall feast for the mind and senses alike. He first conveys the relationship from Erin’s perspective, giving you the victim’s version; then he flips to Kevin’s perspective, where the reader is able to understand his motives and over all mindset of what he is doing. This story, like many of Nicholas Spark’s, tells the true power of love and even the sense of fear, how much are we able to conceal? It shows the power of our mindset and what lengths we can reach when we are solely focused on one thing —either bad or good. As a sucker for chick flicks and all things alike, i genuinely enjoyed this book’s themes and characters, that of the unlikely hero.  The novel deserved all its praise, so I do grant it 5 stars in my opinion. And I did have the pleasure of reading it before the movie came out, but sad to say I was a little disappointed, most movies pull strait from the book and I understand but one flaw that irked me was her hair color [even if it didn’t bother you, don’t judge I’m a very picky person] also in the movie you dint realize the hysteria in some scenes and I really would have wanted to experience that in live picture film.  And with that I bid you adieu, goodbye you lovely people. Please like and share! I love you all ❤️

If you or anyone you know is in an abusive relationship, don’t hesitate to call 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). Abusive relationships can escalate very quickly, so at the first sign of abuse contact help before it’s too late. Look here for signs that you could be in danger of an abusive relationship: http://m.helpguide.org/articles/abuse/domestic-violence

~so sorry for the lack of a picture image, I like to take all pictures in my reviews myself and I am currently lending this amazing story to a friend.. 

Maze Runner By: James Dashner

The Maze Runner is an action packed novel that has so much to offer a young teen. It features a fight for superiority that closely resembles our own childish competitiveness, making it appropriate for both young men and women of the present day. The story begins when a teenage boy, Thomas finds himself in complete darkness, unable to pinpoint any concrete detail in his memory; uncertain if he is even alive. He soon realizes where he is, a box, a moving box. When he comes to a stop the upward shaft opens letting in strong rays of sunlight. As he emerges from the carrier, Thomas becomes surrounded by boys of various races, shapes, and sizes. This knew place he has found will be known to him as The Glade.Through out the story Thomas and the gladers continue in their search for a way out of the maze—the surrounding area of the Glade, dominated by the man-eating monsters known as the Grievers.


I really enjoyed reading The Maze Runner mostly because it drifted from my regular genre, with its adventure and action. It was fairly interesting, having the same dystopia aspects as The Hunger Games, and it kept me engaged to the story line. Dashner does a fabulous job writing in exquisite detail, to give the reader the best interpretation of the scene. Some thing a good reader would learn from Maze Runner is to never give up and that sacrifice it vital to survive, both are learned near the end of the story so you’ll have some things to look froward to. It was an easy read, probably written in a 6th grade level but very entertaining for the reader. In my opinion, you shouldn’t compare it to Hunger Games, even though the do have some similarities, the stories are based on two completely different scenarios. In short, it was a good book, not mind-blowing, but entertaining enough. 4 of 5 Stars, I would definitely recommend  this book though, I advise you to read it before the movie comes out in September, 2014 — starring Dylan O’brien as Thomas.  Thank you so much, please like and share, I will upload another review in two weeks, but until then.. Goodbye all you lovely people.