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13 Reasons Why By: Jay Asher

To be honest this book has been sitting on my nightstand since, hmm December/November of last year, but school had me so busy I just could not find time to read it. So finally in my first week of summer I finished it and I have to say it was not a disappointment.

First of all I would like to acknowledge the writing style. This author switches between two points of view of two different characters, and through this, the reader receives both opinions on the story. In this way, the reader can use this book in everyday life, that I will expand on later in this section.

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The main character of the story is a boy named Clay Jensen who’s life seemed pretty ordinary, but little did he know, one afternoon would make him look at the world in a whole new perspective, and linger in the back of his mind for the rest if his life. When he gets home from school, clay finds a box full of audio cassette tapes, that have a very important recorded message. The voice on these tapes belongs to none other than Miss Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide not too long before, and who was also Clay Jensen’s summer crush; so when she begins her tapes with the accusation that each person on these tapes (who are the only ones permitted to hear them) has played a part in her suicide, Clay is deeply disturbed and mostly confused. Through-out the night Clay is relentless in finishing the tapes and along the way discovers things about Hannah that he, nor anyone, would have ever known.

Hannah’s vision on her life and her decisions, I believe, is very common among average teens today. (Especially people like us who stare at a computer screen most of the time, seeking protection from the internet because our realities become too hectic or we sometimes don’t feel comfortable with ourselves) I have seen many suicidal internet users and now that I think about it, I can put my self in Clay’s shoes and relate this fictional experience to MY reality. So many times, suicidal lead themselves to believe they are alone, but really they shut themselves up so even the people who try to help get the sense that the lonely person doesn’t want it. I think everyone should read this book because it’s not just a major issue to me, but nationwide, bullying, self diminishing, and bad judgement are all active factors in teen suicides that could have otherwise been prevented.

The only negative thing I have to say about this novel is that the end has no real closure, and I guess that’s what the author was going for, a denouement. (A denouement is technically a conclusion but not every character ends up happy and that things may or may not get better after the tale ends.) And the truth is, we don’t know how Clay will react will this newfound knowledge. He can either continue his life with newfound awareness, that most of us would hope, because Clay is actually a really good guy, and **SPOILER ALERT isn’t supposed to be seen as a villain, in fact we are actually supposed to sympathize Clay. And if you read it, you’ll know why…** or he can spend his days recollecting on this experience and never move on with his life because her story affected him so much, we don’t know, and I hate not knowing.

But I guess that’s what we all are expected to do when bombarded with heavily emotional bricks, we are expected to have a choice. A choice to learn from it, or dwell in it’s sadness because we aren’t strong enough to move on. For your sake, I hope all of you can find the strength to move on, not in the sense to simply forget your pain, because no one is able to forget a stab in the back, there will always be a scar, and trying to cover it up will hide it from the world, but you will still know exactly where it lies. In the same sense, accepting your ‘scars’ will be the first step to embracing them later on in life. Even in my short life, I have found out that things seem so much more important in the moment than they actually are. I’m actually struggling with this right know..but that can be for another post at another time. And time truly does heal, and with the encouragement of loved ones (that don’t have to be family, simply anyone that loves you) you will soon find courage to potentially share your experiences and help people who could be in the same situation that you are currently in. Think of the brighter future you could have, before deciding to fatally injure yourself, you are worth so much more than what you believe, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Sorry this review got on a different train at the same tracks, but I want all of you to accept my words wholly and know that I say them in the most concerning and honest way possible. If I ever stepped too far or you think I have no idea what I’m talking about, please tell me, and teach me so I do know. I would award this book with 5 of 5 stars because I truly felt a deeper connection to it after recollection and higher understanding. Thank you guys so much! Hopefully I’ll upload another review in two weeks. Also this summer I found a cute little book store that I will be visiting quite often so I may be including ‘Book Hauls’… Is that even a thing? I don’t know but it is now. I love you all so much. Please like and share. Until then 👋